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Tom Broussard - consultant, trainer, presenter
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Keynote Topics & Testimonials

Programs include:

  • Custom tailored presentations
  • On-site or off-site
  • Any length desirable
  • Day or evening presentations 

Sample Topics include:

  • National Service: Accelerate Your Career!--AmeriCorps, City Year, Peace Corps, AmeriCorps NCCC, Communities In Schools, military service
  • Education and change
  • Neuroscience education
  • Change the world by changing yourself
  • Motivation
  • Change, choice and growth
  • Leadership
  • Team building & trust
  • Training & trust
  • Professionalism
  • Self directed employees are safe employees
  • Learning is changing
  • Globalization and its effect on competition
  • Lifelong learning
  • Youth development
  • Non-Profit leadership and volunteerism
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Healthcare workforce development
  • School-to-work programs


"I really appreciated his advice on taking steps forward without limiting your options-doing so is a difficult skill.  I also liked his talk about figuring out what you truly love-for example, in his own life, he realized that he "didn't love building ships as much as he loved building shipbuilders."  It was nice to have confirmation that figuring out exactly what you love is hard work....he was a very engaging and knowledgeable speaker."  (2010).

"Other than his humor and making everyone wear surgery hair nets, I liked how he structured his session by addressing the Corps Members' questions.  Too many sessions and workshops are done without asking the crowd if they have questions, losing many in the process.  Overall the other Corps Members had expressed that they liked his sessions the most."  (2010).

"My thoughts are that you really stressed the importance of relationship building.  You even echo it through your career when you learned that you like to build shipbuilders.  Specifically, in regards to undergrads I feel as if you provided a way to navigate through the school selection process ensuring that individuals will pick a school that fits just right with their goals and values."  (2010).

"As an event planner responsible for a high level event attended by five hundred persons to include numerous executives and the CEO of CNCS (our agency), I called upon Dr. Tom Broussard to serve as the Master of Ceremonies for our event. At the time of my invitation to Dr. Broussard, I had never met him or heard him speak before an audience.  Not only was I pleased with his support but my colleagues and supervisors remarked how great he was as the Master of Ceremonies for the event." Master of Ceremonies, AmeriCorps NCCC Graduation, Corporation for National & Community Service (2010).
"I found Dr. Broussard to be well prepared and a perceptive speaker to the needs of the moment. I was very much put at ease by the fact that he required little to no coaching and was able to seamlessly make in the moment adjustments during the event. I greatly appreciated his support and would wholly recommend him for any public speaking opportunity."  Sam McKenzie, Community Relations Specialist, AmeriCorps NCCC, Corporation for National & Community Service (2010).

"Thomas Broussard's presentation was a powerful representation of what the non-profit world looks like.  It was informative and I felt like it gave me the necessary tools to begin looking at a job with non-profits."  Will Reichardt, City Year Milwaukee Team Leader (2011).

"Mr. Broussard was a very engaging and thorough speaker.  I enjoyed his presentation about becoming a competitive candidate in today's job market and his overall outlook on life.  He is very passionate about (national) service and a very knowledgeable individual."  Lauren Feaster, City Year Milwaukee Team Leader (2011).

"I thought Mr. Broussard presented a refreshing and candid take on the job market and job prospects.  His wealth of personal experience really gave him a lot of credibility and I feel that now I have a more practical approach to my future career."  Yang Xie, City Year Milwaukee Corps Member (2011).

"His presentation was fantastic.  He was personable and engaging while still answering our questions." Angela Bolmes, City Year Milwaukee Corps Member (2011).

"Tom Broussard was a motivating and inspiring speaker.  He definitely made me reflect on my future goals and his words of encouragement helped make me a little more confident in my potential success in my future."  Byron Anderson, City Year Milwaukee Team Leader (2011). 

"He was amazing!  Very insightful and inspiring.  Also, he offer a lot of information on starting or running a non-profit.  I loved that."  Tia Love, City Year Milwaukee Corps Member (2011).

"Mr. Broussard was hilarious.  You could tell he knew what he was talking about and he had a way of captivating his audience's attention.  I wish we could have had more time with him."  Andy Reza, City Year Milwaukee Corps Member (2011).

"Wonderful perspective, very realistic about what's out in the world.  Bring him back!"  Dana Gill, City Year Milwaukee Corps Member (2011).

"Great at judging audience and realizing where energy levels are...very engaging, funny...great session!"  Public Speaking workshop, City Year Boston participants (2011).

"I loved how Tom made me less stressed about finding a job after City Year. He was very real and didn't tell us a bunch of things we already knew. He eased my stress and made me remember to keep all my options open. He also reminded me to just continue being the best I can and things will work out. I also appreciate his excellent and interactive presentation skills."  Senior Corps Member, City Year Detroit (2011).

"I wanted to follow up with you over e-mail to thank you so much for coming out to visit us! Your workshops were so inspiring and full of great advice, perspective, and wisdom! The corps really enjoyed learning from your experience. Megan O’Leary, our Deputy Director, informed me that you’ll be speaking at our National Leadership Summit in May. Thank you so much for your friendship with City Year and your continued work to advance the National Service movement."  Krista Corwin, City Year San Jose (2011).

"I liked his personality and his amazing, charismatic presence. The part of Tom's presentation that really spoke to me was the part when he said that for those who find themselves jobless the best thing to do is to find any job, and then go from there.  It made me think of how sometimes it's necessary to put one's pride aside for the betterment of one's immediate situation.  The whole presentation was very engaging, and I'm really grateful City Year was able to see Tom's presentation!"   Andres Posada, City Year San Jose (2011).

"Tom Broussard’s delivery and knowledge was great. I gained perspective I had never realized before."  Sam Waller, City Year San Jose (2011).

"Tom is smart, funny, and engaging and brought useful materials."   A corps member from Mathson Middle School, City Year San Jose (2011).

"What I liked best about the presentation was the infusion of humor into descriptions of the challenges of the workplace. Thank you for the website resources!"  Amanda Liles, City Year San Jose (2011).

"Thanks to the students in the Business Academy at Bartram Trail High School.  They attended Business Ownership and The Principles of Entrepreneurship classes this semester (January to March 2013).  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn from you as your volunteer, your teacher and your student."    Tom Broussard, St. Augustine, FL (2013).





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