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What is at the top of your wish list for a more productive workforce?  More self-starters?  Effective team players?  Better communicators?
Tom Broussard transforms the fear of change into motivation by teaching, among other things, the skill of acquiring skills, the hallmark of a competitive workforce.

The culture of change has been accepted by visionaries for decades, but relatively few companies are training upper management, let alone providing their workforce with the skills necessary to stay ahead of the curve. The result: lack of efficiency, an abundance of stress and employees struggling to keep up.

In a world where workers are required to learn new things daily, the most essential skill is not proficiency with the latest software upgrade. It is the ability to absorb new knowledge quickly.

This skill is not taught in schools. But that should come as no surprise: In survey after survey, employers report that their employees do not know how to learn. The good news is, it is not too late. And you can reap the benefits to morale and productivity, not to mention customer satisfaction immediately.

With a background that mixes HR, engineering, volunteerism and the Navy, Tom Broussard has developed proprietary training techniques that teach workers to embrace change (OK, maybe 'embrace' is too strong a word!) and meet constantly shifting workplace challenges head on.

His workshops and seminars help each participant understand his or her unique personal learning structure, a key to lifelong learning. It is also the key to a world class workforce, populated by self-directed employees, and vital to corporate success in the 21st century.

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